Chroland English

The Trainers for English are  native English language specialists. 

Their backgrounds are  in international business for over 25 years with major international companies. A  trained teacher who has successfully trained business leaders all over the world.


The Marketing trainers are English language speakers, both native and non-native, who have not only taught at University and post-graduate level but have worked in business. They combine a theoretical knowledge of marketing and  practical experience in international business. They know how to apply marketing principles in real life. All sessions  are in English.


Thus, the knowledge you will pick up will have real practical application.


All courses are highly interactive. We do not allow boredom.


Short courses now available in Albanian CLUCK HERE


English in Business Communication

Presenting In English


With many years of experience, our trained English native business presenters will help you to develop confidence in public speaking by:-

+ Showing you the standard phrases to use in presentations

+ Training you to use the right posture and body language

+ Improve your pronunciation and use of tone, intonation and pausing to best effect

+ Dealing with questions

+ Making you aware of the expectations of different cultures

Writing letters and e-mails in English


letter-writing and e-mail etiquette

standard phrases for the most common situations

+  Complaints

+  Apologies

+  Enquiries

+  Selling

+  Giving information

+  Formal / informal language

Telephoning in English

+Standard phrases

+Checking understanding

+ Making / cancelling appointments

+ Complaining /apologising

+ Communicating emotion - efficiency, anger, sympathy

Meetings and negotiations in English


+ Etiquette and process of meetings

+ Cross cultural aspects of meetings

+ Starting meetings

+ Starting agreement, disagreement, objections, making suggestions

+ Making your point with power

+ The process of negotiation

Socialising in English

+ Coss cultural aspects

+ Making introductions

+ Small talk

+ Entertaining in restaurants

+ showing interest

Pronouncing English Correctly and improving listening Skills

+ Learning the sounds of English

+ recognising and understanding different accents of English

+ Stress, intonation and pausing to communicate effectively

+Intonation to communicate emotion and recognise it in others

+  Speaking fast or speaking fluently

Short Marketing Courses


The Basics of Marketing

Short courses now available in Albanian CLUCK HERE


+ How Marketing can help you

+ Acquiring the 'marketing mind'

+ The process of Marketing

+ The Product Marketing Mix:

    -Pricing, Product Place, Promotion

+ The Service Marketing Mix:

    -People, Process, Physical evidence

International Marketing

+ Market entry options

+ Adapting your product / service to the foreign market

+ The International Marketing mix

+ Working with foreign partners

+ Potential misunderstandings and how to avoid them

Marketing Planning

+ The Stages of Planning

+ Research

+ Setting objectives

+ Planning

+ Implementation

+ Control

Cross Cultural skills - doing effective business with foreigners

+ The importance of cross cultural skills

+ Categories of cultural behaviour

+ Diffrent cultural behaviours in business situations

+ Dealing with different cultures

Marketing Communication

+ Introduction to marketing communication

+ The Marketing Communication mix - not just advertising!

+ Choosing the right mix

+ Planning the most suitable strategy

+ Evaluating effecctiveness of communication

Customer service

+  What is a service?

+ Types of service

+  Levels of Customer relationships

+  Relationship marketing (CRM)

+ Customer experience

+ Customer expectations and satisfaction

+ Good Service = Profits

Selling and Sales Management

+ Sucessful selling - win/win

+ The selling process

+ Management styles and culture

+ Motivation the sales force

+ Controlling the sales force


+ What is a strong brand?

+ The brand identity system

+ How to measure a brand's effectiveness

+ How to create a brand and destroy it

+ Case studies

Other Training Courses

In English and Albanian designed according to the customer needs
-  Sales management
-  Brand management
-  Strategic management of marketing
-  Leading, organisation, motivation
-  Feasibility studies
-  Projects management and evaluation
-  Organisation and qualitative management of businesses
-  Export / import management
-  Managerial quantitive methods and tools of businesses
-  Human resources management
-  Business evaluation