Chroland Market Research and Strategy Consultancy


+ Why your customers and consumers buy your products?
+ Why potential customers and consumers  don't buy your products?
+ What puts them off buying your product?
+ What is important to the consumer when they buy your type of products?
+ What type of people buy your type of products?
+ Where do they prefer to buy it?

Market Research


We conduct consumer and trade research to examine buying behaviour and purchase decision making.


Out research methods are through teams of  people who ask consumers and / or non-consumers questions such as:-


- Who buys your products - who is your target market and potential target market?


- What do they like or don't like about the product?


- What is the image they have of your product and those of your competitors? Is it positive / negative?


-  How often do they buy it and for what occasions?


- Where do they go to find it?


-If it isn't there, will they search for it? How loyal are they?

With experience gained from international western companies since the 1980's and led by  Canadian and British market research specialists, we apply the most up-to date and sophisticated processes to get answers from consumers, using a combination of tried and trusted methods.

Strategy Formulation


On the basis of  the research, our team can then make a proposal on how to change the direction of your company.

+We will advise on:-

+Product selection

+Product image

+How to communicate the image

+Product positioning compared with the competitors



+timing - a plan for 1 year - 3 years, or longer term.

'Of course, we all think we know why people buy or don't buy our product. It's price isn't it?'

How many times in the last 25 years have I heard that, and in how many countries?

The point is, that purchasing decisions are more complicated than that.

That's why successful companies spend a huge amount of money on monitoring their customers changes in perception of their product. On the basis of this information, they apt their advertising, their distribution, their packaging, and even their product!

After all, what is the point of  stressing some features of the product when they are irrelevant to the buyer''s decision.